Ride Receipts PRO now also includes Chrome Extension

We recently launched chrome extension that would only download invoices from Uber’s dashboard. Many EU users have asked us if this was possible and we have solved it. Chrome extension requires Ride Receipts PRO license key in order to use it. Support for other browsers is coming soon.

What are invoices?

Uber have both email receipts and invoices. Invoices are not sent via email and it has driver’s business number and VAT/HST tax number in it. Notice save invoice link in below image from Uber’s dashboard.

How to use it? Follow steps below:

1) Install chrome extension from above and click on extension icon.

2) Use Ride Receipts PRO license key to activate the chrome extension

3) Login to Uber’s trips dashboard

4) Click on the installed chrome extension icon and select time period you want to download invoices.

5) Click on Download

6) All your invoices would be downloaded to Downloads folder under “Ride Receipts” folder.

Happy downloading!

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