Ride Receipts PRO is here!

We’ve heard your requests loud and clear! 📣

“We need more control!”
“We need spreadsheets!”
“Help! I’m getting audited and need to download 20398 receipts!” 😱

We’ve been working hard and we’re proud to announce that Ride Receipts PRO is now available! 🙌🎉

What’s new? 🚀
Everything! Here’s what Ride Receipts PRO can do:

  • Download Uber and Lyft receipts from a specific date range.
  • Go as far back as you need! Download is no longer limited to this year and last year.
  • You get an Expense Report of all your trips. Each trip has its own line item in Excel detailing the subtotal, tax amount, other fees, tip and total charge. Click here to see an exampleClick here to see an example.
  • For Uber trips your business and personal profiles will be separated.
  • Download your Lyft and Uber receipts directly from your Gmail, Google Business Mail, or Microsoft (i.e., Outlook, Live, Hotmail) email account.
  • What are the benefits of Ride Receipts PRO?

    Beyond what we listed above, the $9.99 you pay could offset your bookkeeping and/or accounting costs by a lot more than this. For example, one of our users paid $400 last year for bookkeeping. Among other business receipts, they had around 50 Uber receipts. This year, they only paid $300 for bookkeeping since there were 50 receipts less to deal with. Upgrading to Ride Receipts PRO is a no-brainer in these cases, and some of our users have over 100 trips per year!

    On a personal note, we think downloading and organizing receipts for taxes is an unnecessary hassle. We were frustrated and dreaded doing this every year during tax season. This why we launched Ride Receipts back in 2017. Building this app for free was preferable to us than downloading and organizing receipts. We’re passionate about finding solutions to everyday issues, which is why we named our company, Hello Efficiency Inc. We appreciate all the support we’ve received and continue to receive from our community. THANK YOU! 🙏

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